Siren Field User

Siren Field User provides a modern and highly intuitive user interface designed to fully satisfy your specific processes, practices, and reporting needs. It is designed to be used real time either in the ambulance or in the field at the scene of an incident.

Data from multiple sources (CAD, Defibrillator/Monitor) can be automatically captured in Siren Field User. The patient records can be transmitted for both to your organisation and to various receiving organisations/facilities. Siren also provides paramedics with support tools like integrated clinical protocols to help improve overall delivery of patient care.

Siren Field User runs on mobile hardware such tablets and laptops. The user interface is based on large buttons designed for use with a gloved finger. The basic configuration follows industry standard clinical documentation processes to make charting easier, faster and more accurate.


Highlighted Features

Siren Quick Charting

Siren’s hyperlinking functionality allows a user to quickly complete their ePCR by entering just the required information.

Out of the Box CAD Integration

The Siren Standard CAD Import allows you to integrate Siren with your computer aided dispatch system (CAD) using open standards. Siren currently integrates with multiple CAD vendors including Intergraph and VISICAD.

Out of the Box Defibrillator Integration

Import and integrate data captured on defibrillators/monitors into open ePCRs. Siren integrates with the following defibrillator/monitors:

Zoll M-Series™, E-Series™, X-Series™

Physio-Control LIFEPAK® 12 & 15

Philips HeartStart MRx

Out of the Box Integration to EMRs and EHRs

Siren ePCR integrates via standard web services to a number of Electronic Medical Record and Electronic Health Record Systems to assist with providing patient care.

Siren ePCR Patient Lookup also allows paramedics to quickly create an ePCR by retrieving patient data from a patient’s recent ePCR and can be can be configured to return the patient’s most recent ePCR or up to 6 historical ePCRs.

Annotated mannequin

Five mannequins (adult droid, adult female, adult male, child, and infant) have front, back, left, and right side views. All mannequins allow multi-body part selection and can display injury / observation selections in callouts, with a line to the associated body part.

Postal Code Look-up

Paramedics can easily verify address locations using out of the box postal code database integration.

Support for Extended Care Paramedics and Critical care treatments

Siren Field user has an advanced critical care, extended care paramedic and diagnostics sections that provides paramedics and nurses the ability to record important clinical and treatment information.


Paramedics can access your organisation’s protocols online or locally stored protocols directly inside the Siren Field User Application.

Tablet-to-tablet transfers

Tablet-to-tablet transfers allow an ePCR to be created on one tablet PC and transferred to another tablet PC (with or without network connectivity) where it can continue to be worked on and finalised. The original crew’s treatments are locked and logged so it is easy to associate which crew completed which parts of the record.

Secure Messaging, Faxing or Printing

Siren Field User supports secure messaging, faxing or print options allowing paramedics deliver their records to the receiving organisation/facility in the format they want.

Card Stripe, Barcode, and QR Code Reading

Siren Field User provides the ability to have data from scanned barcodes, swipe cards, and QR codes to be entered automatically into an ePCR.